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We were Trending on Twitter!


What have Google sent me now?

As I am registered with Google to help local businesses with their Google AdWords (or PPC) now and again Google send me little gifts, bits of fun, vouchers and/or useful information.

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Hootsuite’s New Look

Hootsuite is often considered the best social media tool, for both personal and business. One major downfall it had was it’s rustic and quite daunting look and feel – that is until now!

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“ There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs. ”


How to use Buffer’s new scheduler

Buffer’s new scheduler was a little confusing to use at first, but once I had a chat with them and understood how it works I can safely say I have fallen in love with it. This handy guide will tell you how to use it and hopefully you will see the same benefits as me!

What Buffer’s new scheduler allows you to do is to send the same link to multiple accounts or platforms in one easy, smooth motion. Why is this so special? I hear you ask. Well it is not sharing the same comment about that link to each account or platform, it let’s you edit each and every one, but without having to ‘Buffer’ it each time.

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Linkedin workshop

LinkedIn Groups – Workshop

Today I delivered a LinkedIn groups workshop as the second in the series of LinkedIn workshops for a networking group in Milton Keynes. There is no doubt, LinkedIn groups should be included in your sales strategy, whatever your business, it is paramount in my personal sales strategy and should have a high priority in any LinkedIn strategy.

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Tweet wall statistics

The London Job Show Twitter Wall

Twitter wall

Just one of our 11 Twitter walls!

Well, what a weekend! Last Friday and Saturday Marketing By Us and I ran Twitter walls for the London Job Show.

We were brought in two weeks before the show with nothing in place and extremely low levels of social activity, our job was to increase the activity as well as run a Twitter wall during the event. We created a new hashtag, #LondonJobShow and used this to help us run our tweet wall.

Once we arrived we soon got a Twitter wall up on 3 screens, at the organisers stand as well as both of the workshop screens. Later that day, after discussions with the shopping centre we and organisers we got a further 8 screens showcasing the tweet wall around the show.

This quickly encouraged even more people to get active on social media, along with the influencer chart which we gave a ranking to anyone tweeting the hashtag. They were allocated points and the chart changed throughout the two days.

Twitter walls (or Tweet walls) are a great way to showcase your event, and have huge benefits both at the show and outside the show. If people tweet to get on the wall, they are also tweeting to there followers!

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