About Me

DisplayWelcome to my blog!

You will hopefully find some useful information on here, probably relating to internet marketing and marketing in general, but you will hopefully also find some fun and entertaining posts about what I get up to!

As director of Marketing By Us, I have a passion for internet marketing, I have grown up with Social Media and have years of experience in managing and building accounts for various different businesses. Some of these experiences and journeys I will share with you, so hopefully you can learn from them too!


Life for me started in Stone, Staffordshire but my business experience really started whilst at the University of Lincoln. Here I set up my first company, carrying out Market Research for a number of companies including Co-Operative supermarkets. After a number of clients noticed my own social media, it was time to go down this route! This is when SocialMediAgency was born, my second company which started with the passion for social media and quickly grew. Following on from University I moved to Bedfordshire, and hence I am now based in Beds and Bucks.

I soon realised that just doing social media was limiting, both personally and for the company set up Marketing By Us and my consultancy and speaking work.

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