Why Golf Is Good For Business

So, as I write this The Open is on in the background and Jordan Speith is leading! But is Golf really any good for business?

Well if you’re a golf course – then of course it is! But if you’re not, then of course it is!

The beauty of golf is the time you spend with the person/people you are playing with. There are times when you’re walking (or like me, driving the buggy) when you get some fabulous one on one time with your playing partner. Ideas can really flow in this time, sharing praise for each others game and really building that relationship. This could be with both suppliers, customers, people you’ve met networking or more. Your game of golf could turn into a really good asset!

Not only this, but a share of a passion, is a connection made with this person!

But golf isn’t all about new business! Golf is also good for your own ideas or building a relationship with someone internally. You can use this time to think about new ideas for yourself, your business or to take time out, which puts your head back in the game. It keeps you fit both mentally and physically. If you’re coming up with new ideas or want to get to know one of your team then this time can be used for that too.


Golf and Business

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