Intrapreneurship: Comparing to the Entrepreneur and Creating a Model for Small to Medium Organisations.


Comparing to the Entrepreneur and Creating a Model for Small to Medium Organisations.

The Intrapreneurship Arcs

Searle, Benjamin. 2013.

Executive Summary

This research has added to the current literature surrounding the topic of Intrapreneurship. What the creation of this model has discovered is that the influence on intrapreneurs is the big difference between that and entrepreneurship. The influence of course being management, for it is the manager who will allow for the intrapreneur to work.

Apart from case approaches to study, there are few literatures showcasing the impact of culture and structure on intrapreneurship. Managers must promote the right culture and build the appropriate culture, one of team work, bottom-up decision making and one that allows for risk taking, innovation and invention.

This model, not only shows this impact, but also showcases how different an intrapreneur can be to an entrepreneur, it would be, perhaps, that where management lays at the side, overriding all the other elements the entrepreneur could also lay. This is in comparison to where the intrapreneur lays below both arcs. This signifies that the entrepreneur is the influencer in the business where as the intrapreneur tends to be influenced.

For an organisation to promote intrapreneurship and for intrapreneurs to function, this model suggests that managers must build a culture and structure that allows for innovation, invention and risk. Management may be scared by the term risk, but it is controllable and will be paramount for the intrapreneur to function.


Intrapreneurship Model

The model, overall is a strong concept, it is one that has been developed through primary and secondary research for the small to medium manager. It has the purpose of answering the main aims of the research and should meet those needs.

The main aim of this paper was to develop a model for intrapreneurship which managers can use as an aid for managing the concept. A model has been developed which showcases how within small to medium organisations, the intrapreneur is affected by the overriding impacts of culture and structure as well as management. These also override the key aspects of successful intrapreneurship, innovation, invention and risk, as seen in the literature.

Although this model has been developed to help the managers, it can also be used to help understand the notion of intrapreneurship. It shows how the characteristics of innovation, risk and invention are of key importance to the intrapreneur, similar to that of the entrepreneur, as well as showing how without the right culture, structure and management that allows for these factors then intrapreneurship will not be able to function.

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