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Why You Need a Twitter Wall at your Next Event

Events, conferences, exhibitions, awards nights and launches, whatever your organising, you’ve probably come across Twitter Walls. Here’s why you need a Twitter Wall at your next event…

1. Awareness

Many of your guests may not be aware that you are running a social media campaign for the event, projecting a twitter wall around the room or next to the stage will make people aware!

2. Engagement

Closely following on from awareness is engagement, you’re running a social media campaign and you want to get people involved. What better way then displaying there involvement to the rest of the room! Having a Twitter Wall boosts engagement, proven at a number of events we have done in the past (check out We Were Trending On Twitter).

3. Interaction

Most people at events don’t get to see or even speak to some of the other people in the room or in attendance, a Twitter Wall allows people to get there ideas heard, questions asked and thoughts portrayed. Some of the best events we have done have involved developing live and public conversations via the Twitter Wall.

4. Prompting

Showcasing a Twitter Wall is helpful reminder that people do have that Twitter account that they set up, you want them to get involved so sometime they need a little push!

5. Reach

All these previous 4 points lead up to reach, any event or occasion wants to be heard outside of the room and these 4 benefits help to do that. Have a Twitter Wall in the room leads to people seeing the conversions outside of the room too. If somebody tweets to get on the wall, they are also tweeting to the world – something that will only benefit you!


“ Happy New Year! ”


Getting the most from Social Media during a Product Launch – The Launch!

It’s nearly time for lift off, you’ve got everyone excited during the pre-launch about your new product but how are you going to use social media during the event?

Hashtag – continuing using your hashtag, schedule or even better, have someone live tweeting during your event so that people outside of the room know exactly what’s going on. Share bits of video and pictures to make them feel as though they are in the room.

In the room – you need to get people in the room tweeting, they should already know about your hashtag but if they don’t, tell them! Encourage them to tweet, post, share, snap etc. Of course a great way to do this is to display their posts live with a Twitter Wall, our one has some great additions to really get people engaged.

Twitter Cards – A fairly new addition to Twitter but employing them is a great way to share links, information and products during and after your launch. Using the Meta tags on your website you can add different Twitter cards to each page, you could set one up for a live blog, a link to your new product, launch discounts etc.

Advertising – it’s common for businesses now to use advertising on social media platforms to support their product launch, promoted tweets, boosted posts, dark posts etc. are all good ways to make more people aware of your product being launched.




Getting the most from Social Media during a Product Launch

Using social media during a product launch has become increasingly paramount in the last few years or so, with the majority of companies treating it as a ‘no-brainer’. But how do you get the most out of social media? There are three stages to any product launch, pre-launch, launch and post-launch, here’s how to get the most from social media at the pre-launch stage.

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