“ You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. ”

- Wayne Gretzky -

Social Media Tips for Events

I thought I would put together some social media tips for events, these are by no means all the tips however should give you a good head start!

1. Plan

Preparation is key for any social media campaign, you need understand what you are going to do and how you are doing to measure it. What platforms are you going to use? Who are you going to target? What targets will you set?

2. Hashtag

Almost an essential for any event now, a unique hashtag is a great way to boost your event on social media. Creating a unique hashtag makes it easy for followers, attendee’s and so on to follow the action, what is more it allows those not in the room to follow it! If you want your event to trend then it is best to create a specific hashtag and encourage everyone to use!

3. Twitter Wall

One of the problems with social media for events is encouraging people to tweet or post during the day. Getting a Twitter Wall displayed can be the answer to this, it will display tweets about your show and people will want to see their tweet up there. (Ask me about ours here!).

4. Cross-Promote

One of the basics for all social media strategies is to encourage users to visit you on other social networks. Let your Facebook fan’s know that you are running a hashtag or competition for the event. Your Twitter followers may not know you have a Facebook page too – and most of them will have Facebook profile.

5. Challenges/Compeitions

As mentioned above, one of the struggles is to get people to tweet or post during the event. Another way to make this happen is by running competitions or ‘challenges’ throughout the day. One idea would be to Tweet a ‘Selfie’ during the event, or to submit your picture of you favourite stand during an exhibition. Giving a prize or giveaway for this will encourage people even more to get involved.


Hopefully this give you lots of information about how best to get social during your event, social media at events is now a must – there’s no question. If you aren’t doing it, others will be and they might start talking behind your back!


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