The right culture for intrapreneurship

What is the right culture for intrapreneurship?


Culture – it’s one of those words we all know so well, we associate it with religion, location, age and more. But when it comes to business, we associate culture with what it’s like to work for that company. Companies like Innocent will be classed as having a very ‘cool’ and chilled out culture, whilst companies like GE are known for their more traditional, slightly stricter cultures.


But what culture is right for the intrapreneur?


The concept of intrapreneurship relies on having the correct and proper culture, in fact, without it, the intrapreneur may as well as not exist. Here are a few things to consider when building a culture from the intrapreneur to thrive in.




One thing, as a company owner or manager, that you must be open to is Risk. Without allowing your employees – or intrapreneurs to take risks then you will not allow for new ideas to develop. Allow them budget, allow them time and let them fail – be open to it.




With risk, comes freedom. Intrapreneurs can’t be tied down – they can’t be restricted to limited tasks 100% of the time. Allowing for freedom sparks creativity.


Intrapreneurship Culture




Intrapreneurs want to own their creativity – they want to be created for their creations in some way, this doesn’t have to be financial or in form of any bonus, however, credit, where credit is due, is the way to go.




Overall you need to innovation in your culture – don’t copy another companies culture, that won’t work for you. Rely upon your own innovative culture will get you the best innovative results from your intrapreneurs. This is somewhat vague and may come across as a useless and unhelpful – but it’s true. The whole point of wanting intrapreneurs is to keep your company fresh, different, ahead of the game and entrepreneurial – not a copycat firm.