Storytelling in the workplace

Storytelling has become a somewhat buzz word of late when it comes to management, with many authors raising its importance with texts and research on the benefits of why it’s important for the manager to embrace stories.

David Boje is one of these authors and his texts clearly outline what storytelling is and why it is an ever-growing notion for managers to use to empower their employee’s – an important factor when we talk about intrapreneurship. His texts relate directly to the future of organisations however 6 years on from this particular text we must now considering this concept as ever present in today’s most successful companies.

Why is storytelling important to the intrapreneur? 

Storytelling – according to Boje has ‘three genres that interplay: narrative, living story and antenarrative’ and it is these that each has an impact on how the intrapreneur can work and be motivated by the manager and fellow employees. There must be quality narrative within the workplace with a living story space for allowing stories to develop and move forward and antenarrative to compliment within the culture.

A basic way of looking at this, is if there is positive storytelling within the workplace then the intrapreneur is driven to create their own stories.

Storytelling is fundamental to intrapreneurship and should be included in the cultural arcs of the intrapreneurial mode.



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