Tumblr and Pinterest, social media’s fastest growing platforms 2014.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, even Google+ – these ‘bad boys’ are the ones you expect to see at the top when it comes to talking about social media, but Tumblr and Pinterest are currently sparking the fires of this digital era with the fastest growth this year.

“Tumblr’s active users grew by 120% in the last six months” (via Mashable) which is staggering when you consider the length of time it has been around.

Why isn’t Facebook up there?
Facebook’s growth over the same time period is 2%, 60 times less that Tumblr, but is this bad? You have to be objective here, because the sheer volume of active users on Facebook means there is little room for growth, and 2% of this high number is much higher than the same percentage of Tumblr users.

“Tumblr still comes in at eighth place for active users overall.” (via Mashable)

Unsurprisingly this is why Facebook seem unmoved by the figures.

Pinterest – is it for you?
The second highest growth rate for social media platforms came from Pinterest, the visual pin board based site. So it is definitely a consideration for your business.

Things to consider are your consumer demographic, Pinterest is especially good for online or ecommerce businesses that sell B2C. This is because, done properly, every image you share from your site will be linked directly to your site for potential orders. This also gives you huge SEO benefits.

It will interesting to see where things go in 2015 but I think the major players, perhaps the top 5 of social media users will remain the same, with potentially a shuffling of the second half of the top 10, with one or two coming in or out.