What product’s were created through Intrapreneurship

Ever wondered what products were created through the concept of Intrapreneurship?

There are many great products that were created through intrapreneurship – but here are my top 3!


3. The Post-It Note

Create by ‘accident’ this revolutionary slightly sticky piece of paper was initially invented when an employee was tried to make a super strong glue at 3M. When they realised this removable glue had some uses, they further created the post-it, which now appears on desks all over the world.


2. Java

Powering 3 Billion mobile devices across the globe, the invention of Java is one of the most understated intrapreneurial innovations. Most people don’t even realise they’re using it.


1. Gmail

Google are the most talked about ambassadors of intrapreneurship, a large number of their new products are created within this culture. Gmail now holds 22% market share of the email client market, second only to Apple mail – it was an idea from an employee who embraced their 20% innovation time off rule.


Other intrapreneurship creations include the Facebook like and Sony Playstation – they just missed out in the top 3!

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